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Just because you don’t live in a high flood risk area doesn’t mean it’ll never happen to you. We’ll provide the specialized coverage you need to help protect your home from rising waters—even if you’re not in a flood zone.

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Do I Need Flood Insurance?

You may be wondering whether you actually need flood insurance and what exactly it covers. To help you decide whether flood insurance is right for you, let’s review a bit about both floods and insurance.

Floods are the No. 1 natural disaster in the US, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Even a few inches of water can cause costly damage to your home and its contents.

As we’ve seen over the years, there are many conditions that can cause flooding including spring thaws, heavy rains, hurricanes and the rapid accumulation of rain after a wildfire. While some areas are more prone to flooding, it can happen anywhere at any time.

Some things to consider while you’re determining whether or not to buy a flood insurance policy.

Homeowners Insurance Does Not Typically Cover Floods

An important item to note is that a standard homeowners insurance policy does not cover flood damage. Because floods can happen anywhere, you may want to consider purchasing a separate flood insurance policy. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which is managed by FEMA, issues flood insurance as do some private insurers. We can help you purchase flood insurance and discuss whether it may be right for you.

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How Much Does Flood Insurance Cost?

The price of flood insurance, like all insurance, is based on a number of factors including your property’s flood risk, what the policy coverage and how much coverage is included in the policy. You may also be able to purchase separate coverage for the structure of your home and for your belongings. The types of coverage you purchase and your limits you set help determine the policy price.

When Is Flood Insurance Required?

If your home falls in a high-risk flood area and you have a mortgage from a federally regulated or insured lender, your lender is legally mandated to require you to have flood insurance, FEMA says. Usually, that’s not the case if your home falls in a moderate-to-low risk area. However, a lender may require you to hold flood insurance at any time — even if the company is not legally mandated to do so, according to FEMA.

To obtain an NFIP flood insurance policy, your community must participate in the program. Most communities participate, but not every municipality across the country does. You can check whether your community participates in the NFIP Community Status Book (click on your state, and then search through the alphabetical listing of communities to see if yours is on the list). Note that Empire frequently issues NFIP policies in our coverage areas, but availability varies by location.

While flood insurance is offered through the NFIP, policies are sold and administered by private insurance companies. Most policies don’t take effect until 30 days after signing, so it’s a good idea to consider purchasing coverage before storm season is upon you. Contact us to discuss your flood insurance needs.

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