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Policy Review – Business Insurance

Let’s ensure you have the right insurance in place.

It’s time to review your insurance.

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There’s one guarantee in life and business. Things change. Our annual review is an opportunity to compare your existing coverage against your current needs to ensure your insurance remains appropriate to your situation.

Business Policy Review

It’s important to review your needs to ensure you have the proper coverage in place.

  • Primary Contact Name
  • Have you made any updates to your business name, products, type (LLC, Corp), operations, etc? Do you provide additional services outside of your normal operations?
  • Are you, or do you anticipate, working with new contractors or vendors that will need proof of insurance?
  • Have you added, increased, changed or upgraded your building, equipment or property?
  • Have you added or reduced the number of employees?
  • What are your gross sales/receipts for the past year? Do you plan to expand or reduce your business this coming year?
  • The purpose of a Commercial Umbrella policy is increasing your Liability Coverage over your Business Auto and General Liability when the unthinkable happens. Accidents do happen at the Worksite, Or causing a multi car accident when a ladder or lumber fall from your Truck, or when someone slips on the ice in your parking lot. The Cost of this coverage is usually less than paying for one hour of an Attorney’s time to defend you. Tool and equipment theft is on the rise. Employees blaming their boss for their injuries is more frequent, Are you using your Car or Truck in your business? Liability awards are happening more frequently. These are all areas that we can review so you better understand your coverage and some potential gaps in your coverage.
  • Did you know that for all referrals we receive, we donate to a local nonprofit? Is there an organization that is close to your heart that you want to share with us?
  • Do you have any feedback for us? Is there an area we can improve your experience? Is there a team member you'd like to give kudos to for their effort?
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